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It's for the children.   

What we are
The East Bay Hockey League is a dangerously benevolent organization that is committed to fighting against drugs and boredom with the blessed game of street hockey, which we provide free of charge every weekday during the summer at Canyon Middle School, 3:30pm. No equipment, skates, money, or talent is necessary to join us - we provide everything, and ask only in return that our members pledge to spread the word throughout the East Bay that hockey is better than cocaine.

Our History

The East Bay Hockey League originated in June 2004 in the San Leandro/Ashland/Castro Valley area of the East Bay. On a mission combat their own boredom by buying wiffle balls at the local sporting goods store, founding fathers Matthew Thomas, Neil Libbe and Luke Spencer were inspired (perhaps divinely) to start playing street hockey instead. Upon seeing how expensive real goals and equipment were, the Neil and Matt decided to make their own goals out of pvc pipe, cardboard and bedsheets, and began rounding up used equipment from their friends garages. A consistent trickle of bored students on summer vacation began appearing in front of the Libbe household to take part in the hockey experiment, and the group became known as the Ashland Hockey League.

With a steadily growing number of players from all around the East Bay, the Ashland Hockey League moved to Chabot Elementary and was renamed the East Bay Hockey League. Further growth eventually forced the league to search for an even more spacious arena, which it found at the tennis courts of Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley. It was not long before the press took notice of the spreading hockey fever - the East Bay Hockey League was mentioned on the front page of the Castro Valley Forum (with an article hidden somewhere in the middle, which can be viewed at Forum Article to your left). By summer's end, over 70 people had experienced the fun, excercise, and good company brought by the EBHL.

Following the first annual December Winter Classic in Dece...yeah the EBHL relaunched the next summer with record numbers of players (over 125 total as of this publication). Summer 2005 also saw the launch of the EBHL Clothing line, which at the moment is composed of a beautiful forest green t-shirt. Tragically, co-founder Neil Libbe was forced out of play due to surgery on his torn ACL in July, only to make a miraculous return to play weeks later in a wheelchair as Neil version 2.0. The East Bay Hockey League will continue to serve its community with drug-free fun until late August 2005, so throw away those drugs and come play some hockey before its too late!

Contact Information

Co-Founder Matthew Thomas: MThomas145@aol.com, (510) 331-8523
Co-Founder Neil Danger Libbe:
MidasTouch12@aol.com, (510) 798-8228

For more infomation, visit our myspace at www.myspace.com/eastbayhockeyleague or browse the sacred pages of www.eastbayhockeyleague.com